Lavinia Fontana Post on 3PP!

Hello everyone! I wanted to let people know that I have written a guest post on Lavinia Fontana and self-portraiture at Three Pipe Problem. This fantastic art history blog is regularly featuring posts about women artists, and I was very pleased to contribute to the series.

This post was very fun for me to write; I regularly discuss Fontana’s self-portraiture (including her Self-Portrait at the Spinet, 1577, shown left) with my Renaissance students. If you want to see a sneak-peek at some of the topics that I discuss in my classroom, check out the post!

  • Annette says:

    Congratulations, M!

  • H Niyazi says:

    Thanks for the guest post M!

    It has been a great week for art history blog posts! On top of your wonderful piece, David Packwood's post at Art History Today about Plant Symbolism was fascinating, as was James Elkins' piece about Bellni's St Francis at The Huffington Post.

    Art History blogging is getting bigger and better – and dare I say more acceptable in the mainstream.

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