Alberti’s Window interview on 3PP

Three Pipe Problem has started a new series, Art&History@Web, which highlights different art history blogs (and bloggers).  I think this is a great idea, especially since it can help art history bloggers become aware of new blogs and ideas.  I am honored to be featured as the first interviewee for this new project.

So, if you’ve ever wondered who is the nerdy person behind all of these art history posts, here’s your chance.  You can read my interview here, and even see a picture of me in my spectacled glory.

  • alli says:

    Great interview M!! I am so happy your blog is getting such huge recognition in the field.
    Do you think the saying "publish or perish" will be associated with the "old" art history if art history blogs take a larger part in "new" art history scholarship?
    With independent web publishing (via blogs)the control is in the hands of the scholar and not a commitee of editors which, I believe, will give scholarship an immediacy that it has been lacking. It also gives new talent, like yourself, the ability to make thier voices heard.
    Congrats on all your success!!

  • Rebekah says:

    Articulate and beautiful! I'm so proud of you!!!

  • H Niyazi says:

    Thanks for being my first interviewee M! I have quite a few lined up now, but it was only fitting that you went first because you have been such a great support and positive influence at 3PP!

    Everyone I have mentioned your blog to always writes back saying thank you(often in CAPS) because they are so impressed with your engaging style and amazing revelations!

    Bravo, and keep inspiring us!!


  • Dr. F says:

    Congratulations on a very nice interview.I agree with you and Alii that the Web is the future of Art History.


  • e says:

    So neat!

    It was fun to read that interview and I am so happy about your success! You deserve it!

    I think you are right about what you said in terms of making your posts approachable for everyone — they are great for the experts, but also accessible by those of us who don't know very much (but like to learn!).

  • Rachsticle says:

    Your blog is "one of the most beloved of art history blogs."

    I love this!

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