My CAA Wish List

You might be aware that the annual conference for College Art Association (CAA) is starting next week (February 10-13). I wish I could go, but a) I can’t afford to fly to Chicago and b) I have to teach. Nonetheless, I have poured through the conference catalog (see online list here) and have marked the sessions that I wish I could attend:

– “Women, Femininity, and Public Space in Nineteenth Century Visual Culture.” Chairs: Heather Belnap Jensen (Brigham Young University) and Temma Balducci, (Arkansas State University)
– “Sculpture and Race, 1750 to the Present.” Chair: Linda Kim, Smith College
– “Representations of Brazil and Shifting Identities.” Chairs: Aleca Le Blanc (University of Southern California); Elena Shtomberg (University of Utah). (*This session was MADE for me to attend! Why am I not going to be there?!?! I’m especially intrigued by Rebecca Parker Brienen’s topic, “Frans Post’s Brazilian Landscapes.”)
– “Thinking about Colonial Latin American Art.” Chair: Elizabeth Hill Boone, Tulane University. (*Again, this session perfectly aligns with my interests! Bah! I really wish I could hear “The Politics of Competing Visualities in Early Colonial Latin American Art” by Jeanette Favrot Peterson with Thomas DaCosta Kaufmann.)
– “‘Classicisms,’ ‘Mannerisms’ and ‘Baroquisms’: Sixteenth – and Seventeenth-Century Visual Culture in Europe and Other Cultural Centers.” Chairs: Larry Silver (University of Pennsylvania) and Lynette M. F. Bosch, State University of New York, Genesco.
Are you going to CAA? What sessions will you/did you attend? Does anyone else have a wish list with no possibility of attendance (and want to commiserate with me)? I just hope that some of these lectures are recorded or later published. For now, though, it looks like I’ll just be able to follow the conference blog so I can feel part of the action. Sigh.
  • heidenkind says:

    I have never been to CAA. To be honest… I, uh, kind of let my CAA membership expire because I couldn't afford it. 🙁

  • e says:

    I wish you could go! I hope that your future is filled with many opportunities to attend. If anyone deserves to be at one of these, it is you.

    You could probably be leading the discussion on the Representations of Brazil and Shifting Identities session!

    Even though it's probably be way over my head, I think the following sound really interesting:

    Old Women, Witches, and Old Wives

    Photography in Theory and Practice: Medium-Specificity and Its Discontents

    Printed Digital Media and Imagery

    Art Scandals and Scandalous Art in the Eighteenth Century

    Afterlife: The Berlin Wall's Continuing Cultural Presence

  • joolee says:

    Ooh, i'd love The Materiality of Early Modern Prints Part I: Manipulation of the Image,
    Caravaggio at Four Hundred and Beyond, Resurrecting the Disappeared: The Problem of Re-Presentation and Exhibition of Time-Based Twentieth-Century Art in the Twenty-First Century…these are all subjects I already love or learned ALOT about while working in Portland. Oh how fun! Wish you could go! I see Heather Jensen will be there. She was one of my fave professors.
    Thanks for passing the blog on, i'll have to follow it too.

  • M says:

    e and joolee, I love the session topics that you guys picked. I didn't even notice the "Old Witches, Women and Wives" session or "Caravaggio at Four Hundred and Beyond." How fun!

    I wish I could be there.

  • Annette says:

    Monica, dear, we will be sure to help you attend in the future. Love, Annette

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