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I just imported all of my art history posts onto this site today. My previous blog contained a lot of other miscellaneous thoughts and pictures intermixed with my art history posts, and I have debated for a long time whether I should keep the two paradigms separate. Reading this article helped solidify my decision to create a separate art history blog. Although I don’t pretend to be a “great art history blogger” (isn’t that title a great play off of Nochlin’s article “Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists?”), I hope that I can make a contribution to art history through blogging. More than anything, this blog is a great way for me to write down my research and thoughts.

Hopefully I will be able to reach my target audience of art historians and art lovers with a blog that specifically focuses on art. It would be really fun to build up a strong community of art historian bloggers.

  • Kiersten says:

    I’m glad that you’re doing this. We need more of this sort of dialogue. I actually considered starting an art history blog right when I finished grad school to keep my mind sharp in the field. I even set up the url, but I guess I never got around to launching the blog because I got discouraged after not being able to get a job related to the arts. Maybe I will launch it after all, one of these days.

  • M says:

    Do it, Kiersten! Do it! I really think that this blog is helping me keep up with the discipline.

  • Liz says:

    For more on the history of art (including contemporary), as well as textiles and miscellanea, you might be interested in Venetian Red. A good place to start is

    Also listed are links to other art, textile, design sites.

    Thanks for carrying the art history torch. Keep up the good work. Liz Hager

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