St. Louis Art Museum Quiz

I just took this fun art history quiz, which revolves around portraits from the St. Louis Art Museum’s collection. I missed one question – I didn’t bother to read the captions and mistakenly attributed a Gauguin painting to Van Gogh. If I had taken more time, I would have gotten them all right.

How did you do?

  • heidenkind says:

    I got Thomas Hart Benton and George Caleb Bingham confused. D'oh.

  • The Clever Pup says:

    I got 13.

  • joolee says:

    oh man, 13. mixed up the German Expressionist question – duh, that was what my thesis revolved around…and the photography question. i'm def. not an expert on that, but i should've known it was Evans!

    fun quiz! makes me want to brush up on it and teach my daughter. she LOVES learning about art. :)

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